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RV Service & Repairs in Mesa, Arizona

Service: 623-283-3410

Robert Crist and Company RV has the #1 service department in Arizona. Our people make the difference

Our people make the difference! We have a great staff of technicians who are certified and master certified working on all RVs brought into our service department.

Your fifth wheels, toy haulers, Class C motorhomes, Class B motorhomes , Class A motorhomes or travel trailers will always receive the best of care by our staff here at Robert Crist and Company RV. From roofs and appliances, to slide-outs and awnings, we are here to help you with all your service needs.

We honor all warranty work for the products we sell, and we accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your RV in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.

We offer extensive body repair, collision repair and complete RV renovations of any make or model RV.

Our RV service personnel have worked together for many years and we strive to be professional in everything we do. We carry a CSI rating of 95% or better throughout the year. We were recently recognized nationally as the only Holiday Rambler dealership to be awarded Holiday Rambler’s CSI award for the third year in a row.

Throughout the year we run many RV specials on RV service work, including RV parts, accessories and maintenance items. Please stop in or call and we will happy to go over our specials with you and schedule an appointment that will fit your needs. You will be very pleased with the quality service we offer in our body shop.

  • Inspection of generator for leaks and servicing.
  • Inspection of battery cables & batteries.
  • Inspection of engine air filter (if accessible).
  • Inspection of wiper blades.
  • Inspection of exterior for oxidization.
  • Inspection of leaf springs and suspension.
  • Inspection of roof vents.
  • Inspect roof antennas for damage.
  • Inspection of trailer coupler.
  • Inspection of brake pads/shoes(if visible).
  • Inspect step assembly for operation/damage.
  • Inspect awning operation.
  • Visual inspect LP tanks for date/damage.
  • Inspection of shocks(oil leaks).
  • Inspection of rubber roof.
  • Inspect coach A/C filter (if accessible).
  • Inspection of fire extinguisher for servicing.
  • Inspection of all exterior lights.
  • Inspection of gray/black holding tanks for leaks.
  • Inspection of tires for wear.
  • Inspect smoke detector operation.
  • Inspect co detector operation.
  • Inspect slide outs for leaks/seal condition/adjustment.
  • Inspect coach leveling/stabilization system for leaks/damage.

Technical support, parts and warranty assistance: 1.800.225.2134

After-hours emergency: Priority RV RoadCare at 1.877.882.0614. Note as a new coach owner that your first year of membership is provided free of charge by Robert Crist and Company RV.

Mailing address:

2025 East Main St.
Mesa, Arizona 85213

Priority RV/Certified Pre-Owned Coverage

If you have questions pertaining to your Priority RV service agreement or your certified pre-owned coverage, please contact our administrator, Warrantech Automotive, at 1.800.577.6624. If you would like to inquire about these or other programs, please visit our location:

Robert Crist and Company RV

Priority RV is a great way to obtain service protection beyond the warranties on your new or pre-owned recreational vehicle.

Complete roadside assistance and special motor club benefits that follow you wherever your travels take you.

Keeping the roof clean will extend the life of sealants, promote proper operation of rooftop components, and eliminate black streaks that run down the sidewalls. For best results, clean the roof at least every other time you wash the RV.

Safety is imperative. If health conditions exist or heights create dizziness, hire someone to maintain the roof. Refrain from overloading the rear ladder and wear clean, soft sole shoes with a rubber grip to reduce slippage. Perform this task early, before the heat of the day.

Tools you will need to clean the roof include a broom, dust pan, debris bucket, sponge mop, a bucket of mild soap, and a garden hose with an on-demand spray gun. Some products are available to remove stubborn stains. Carefully read product labels to be sure it is safe for the RV surface, and always test the cleaner in a small area first to determine suitability. Start by sweeping the surface with a broom to remove leaves, tree branches, and loose dirt. Deposit debris into the dry bucket and remove the broom, dustpan, and bucket from the roof.

Wash the roof surface in sections, beginning at the front of the RV. Wet the surface with a hose and wash using the mop soaked in soapy water. Rinse the mop often to remove dirt, and thoroughly rinse each area with clear water. If grime build-up is excessive, it may be necessary to use a pressure washer to clean the roof surface. Use mild soap and a hose on the solar panels and satellite dome. Avoid a direct stream of water into the air conditioner shroud. Once finished, remove all cleaning tools and allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

To eliminate roof grime from drying on the sidewalls, follow by washing the RV exterior. If time does not permit a complete cleaning, be sure to at least thoroughly rinse away all roof runoff with clear water.

At least once every three months, carefully inspect roof seals. Sealant is generally located down the center, at both the rear and front caps and around the base of all rooftop components. How long the sealant lasts depends on exposure to outdoor elements. Replace sealant that is cracked or missing. Only replace sealant after the roof is clean and dry and when outdoor weather conditions are favorable, or the RV is parked inside. Remove all old sealant before applying new, and allow the sealant to completely dry. To assure proper placement, do not drive the RV for 24 hours after applying the sealant to allow the adhesive time to adequately set.

Perform a close inspection of all rooftop components, including solar panels, air conditioner shroud, antenna, vent caps, and the air horn. Tighten loose screws, and replace any bolts or screws that are corroded, stripped, or missing. Remove the air conditioning shrouds to check for insect or bird nests around the blade areas.

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