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Chinook Motorhomes for Sale in Mesa, AZ


Chinook, formerly known as Mair & Son, Inc., has been a prominent figure in the motorhome industry since its inception in 1938. The 1950s saw the rise of mass-produced motorhomes, but Chinook RV stood out as an innovative leader, a reputation it has maintained over the years. The introduction of fiberglass allowed Chinook to pioneer a sleek and aerodynamic design, setting it apart from its competitors and making it a highly coveted brand.

Chinook’s early success paved the way for further innovations, particularly in the use of fiberglass in the construction process. In 1971, they achieved a major breakthrough by developing the first one-piece all-fiberglass shell. This revolutionary body style transformed the RV industry, with customers trading in their bulky, fuel-inefficient models for the sleek and aerodynamic design of Chinook motorhomes.

Chinook’s unparalleled innovation set a tone in the market as the best brand in the nation for decades. However, no one stays at the top forever. The Great Recession in America hit hard, and Chinook RV was forced to end production in 2005. By the following year, the doors were officially closed.

In a conversation with Chinook's owner Gary Lukehart in February 2011, he revealed that the original manufacturing jigs and equipment were being stored on his ranch in Yakima, awaiting a potential revival. This hope was realized when a man from Las Vegas expressed interest in the brand. The online community of Chinook owners was abuzz with the news of the brand's resurrection. Phil Rizzio, owner of several large U.S. dealerships, acquired most of Lukehart's assets and spearheaded the process of bringing back the Chinook RV brand in 2013. After three years of hard work and dedication, the legacy of Chinook RV was reborn.

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